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 possible  for Kids

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we are 2-4 Pilots

                                                          Bruno Schmid

   over 13 200 Flights

     flying           since          1986

    Tandem      since          1990

    Instructor    since     1992

the Winter   needs realy warm Equipment!

we have everything you need  ( Down Jakets, warm Pants , Winter Shoes,Down Gloves and warm Hats )in the Air Taxi Office for free !

Flights Winter 23/24

optional Videos and Pictures Fr. 40.-

ask for edited Video Fr. 50.-

Falcon     Fr. 170.-

from Schwarzsee 2600m to Zermatt ,the nearest to the Matterhorn if the Snow and Wind Conditions are good

Gourmet        Fr. 190.-

from Rothorn to Grünsee or Findeln with Landing infront of the Mountain Restaurants. if you are not skiing,you will need lift tickets to come down to Zermatt,as is up in the Ski Area !

Eagle   Fr. 220.-

the classic from Rothorn to Zermatt

Combi Gourmet & Eagle Fr.400.-

first we fly from Rothorn to Grünsee to visit the Mountain Loge ” ze Seewjinu”     then from Rothorn to Zermatt ,possible with or without Ski.


Combination Gourmet & Eagle

Schwarzsee to Zermatt

Rothorn to Grünsee

Rothorn to Findeln Adlerhitta & chez Vrony

Rothorn to Zermatt

with Ski

north Takeoff

Pictures & Videos Fr. 40.-



swiss Paragliding Instructor with  37 Years   Experience

all Flights include full Insurance.

                       Air Taxi Office

Bachstrasse 8    3920 Zermatt

i can meet you in the Air Taxi Office         (Bachstrasse 8 ) Haus Montana to dress you up with warm Stuff for free if you like!    

The office is by the river,middle of Zermatt.from the trainstation up the mainstreet and  close the Hotel Pollux you turn left.follow the street to the river and the first building right is the Haus Montana.( 6 min.walking )  

Weather Zermatt

Please have a look here,do not trust the Google Weather!!!

 Air Taxi makes Dreams becomes true!

Paralysed Baptiste Delalay fly from Breithorn 4160m with Swiss Acrochampion Jeremy Plecard

the old Days

Pictures ( 100 and more )& Videos Fr. 40.-

Picture Slide

Klein Matterhorn





for the Weather Forecast have a look here !

Summer Playground Riffelberg

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Pictures ( 100 and more) & Videos Sfr. 40.-

1 min compressed flight’ pics. — Click “>play” to take off and have fun 🙂